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cd design

I'm a musician, so designing CD packages for recording artists is my favorite type of project. My services include the complete package:
Booklet, Trayback, CD Face, Inserts, Posters, Digipak, Text, Tee Shirts --
whatever you need!

Below is a sampling of some of the CDs I've designed:

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Mary E. Holland, a San Francisco singer, had a friend design her first CD. She brought it to me because she felt it needed a more stylish presentation. I colorized the photo from the old cover and placed it in a more dynamic setting.




business cards




photo correction


This band uses two sets of lead singers. They didn't want to take a separate publicity photo, so they sent me the BEFORE pic, along with head shots of the two alternative members. I did some gentle skin-grafting and came up with an AFTER picture they could use in their promo.



The same band recently had an excellent photo taken; unfortunately it was shot in the recording studio, so the gray background was not professional or exciting enough to be used as a promo shot. I added a colorful cityscape that ties in with the name of the band (CITY LIGHTS), and the band now features the "enhanced" photo in their promo package.






promotional posters & flyers

The full-size art is printed on glossy photo paper for display, and a smaller version can be made into postcards or sent in emails to publicize the events.


Here is a sampling of websites I designed and maintain, updating whenever needed:

american rondo




  • Throughout the 1990s I wrote approximately 60 feature articles and music reviews for San Francisco's BAM Magazine.

  • I have been a marketing communications writer, web designer, technical writer, and journalist.

  • I was Senior Content Writer at, a pre-Napster (and 100% legal) music download site that was founded by Nathan Schulhof, ("Father of the MP3 player") and Webmaster at, a cartoon animation studio in San Francisco.

    writing samples:

  • Shawn Phillips
    A full-length music article that appeared in Discoveries Magazine, January, 2000.

  • Point-of-Sale Check
    I've been a contract writer for many corporations. This sales collateral piece is typical of the kinds of marcom writing I did for Bank of America.

  • Entertainment Reviews
    These originally appeared in BAM Magazine, SF Hot Ticket, and


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